Dear Friends and Members of Unity of Tempe,

As the year draws to a close, we thank you for all the support, love, kindness and courage you have shown during a difficult time. We know that some of you have lost loved ones and have faced challenges as COVID-19 has taken lives, caused sorrow, and forced lockdowns leading to economic insecurity, loneliness and isolation.

Your Unity board members, too, have lost loved ones and, during the pandemic, we experienced resignations of board members, a musical director, and part of our ministry team, along with the loss of our former location and decreased income.

But thanks to our dedicated minister, her tech-savvy husband, your gifts and God’s help, Unity of Tempe has survived! We have found a beautiful new meeting place and are gathering once again in person. If you are still experiencing challenges, please know that we are with you in Christ Spirit and are here for you.

Be assured that Unity of Tempe -- our minister, our board, our prayer team pray for your highest good daily -- your good health, prosperity, peace, comfort and joy. If you have special prayer requests let us know and we will pass them along to our prayer team.

Because of all the changes that have taken place in our lives, we are doing an update of our membership database (see below). We recognize that membership is both a gift and a responsibility. It takes all of us, working together, giving and receiving, to enhance our spiritual growth, and the spiritual growth of our community. So now, and every year in the future, we will ask that you renew your commitment to Unity of Tempe and, in doing so, we hope you will consider how you will continue to become a part of its success by giving of your prayers, your time, talents and treasure.

At this time it is crucial that we identify and acquire active members, new volunteers, and, most importantly, board members. We need individuals to step forward ASAP so that Unity of Tempe has a healthy governing body that can make the highest and best decisions for all congregants.

We know that many of you watch online, but we don’t know who you are, specifically. Remote participation counts, and you can remain or become a member of Unity of Tempe (and we certainly encourage you to do so). All you have to do is tell us of your wish via email or in person at a Sunday service.

Please take a few moments to respond to this message by:

Sending an email to unityoftempe@gmail.com and indicating:  a) which of the numbered choices below most closely fits your status, b) how you would like to help, and c) your name (and spouse or family, if appropriate), address, telephone number, and email.


Print out the form below, fill it in, and drop it off at church on Sunday -- or mail it to: Unity of Tempe, 925 W. Baseline Road, Suite 105/227, Tempe, AZ 85283

We pray that you value our beloved spiritual community and will consider how you can be part of its success by giving of your time, talent, treasure and prayers. Thank you once again for all that you give, all that you do, all that you are.

Have a happy holiday season!

With love and blessings,

The Unity of Tempe Board of Trustees:
Rev. Joe Rojas, President; Rev. Dr. Mitzi Lynton, Minister; Dr. Willie Kindred, Member; Sheila Grant, Member; Rev. Dr. Linda Park-Fuller, Acting Member; Ron Peer, Non-voting Member


Indicate one, please:

1.      I recommit myself as an active member of Unity of Tempe. I will give my time, talent, treasure and prayers toward the success of our spiritual community.
2.      I am not sure whether I am a member.  I wish to be grandfathered in as an active member. I will give my time, talent, treasure and prayers for the success of our spiritual community.
3.      I am no longer a member of Unity of Tempe and wish to have my name taken off the rolls.

Areas where I’m interested in helping. Boldface (or circle if printing) as many as you like:

BOARD MEMBERSHIP - to make and support decisions
MAINTAINING contact records. Email, phone, etc.
A/V TEAM - helping with audio and video of services
BOOKKEEPING -- Collecting and recording Sunday donations and mailbox donations.  Making bank deposits. Coordinating with our treasurer.
TREASURER – Paying bills, recording transactions, and reconciling accounts. Collection of mail
MARKETING /SOCIAL MEDIA POSTER - help promote the reach of Unity of Tempe to those we can serve
LEADERSHIP for community activities and outreach – example: cleaning church grounds, book study, planning food drives, etc.
SITE CLEANING – bathroom, floors, garbage


Thank you so much for your generous time! You are a blessing to the world!